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Address: Zrínyi 3. Budapest H-1051 Hungary

Telephone : (+36-1) 302-5060
Telefax : (+36-1) 269-1255
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Postal address : Budapest, Pf.1188. H-1380 Hungary

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About the Department


By establishing the Department of Medical Devices and modifying the role of Notified Bodies the conformity assessment procedure and the law enforcement activity became separated as it was expected by the EU.

The family of medical devices consists of many kinds of devices including for example orthopaedic instep-raiser, X-ray equipment and hip-joint prosthesis. Due to the wide range of devices the relevant regulation and the conformity assessment procedure based on the regulation is managed in a fairly sophisticated way.

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The staff


The Staff 

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About the procedures


The procedure of the Authority shall be governed by the Act CXL of 2004 on the General Rules of Administrative Official Procedures and Services. The language of the official procedures is Hungarian.

About the resolutions

The resolutions issued by the Authority are unappealable but revision from the court can be requested. At the moment the Authority deals mostly with domestic cases however as one of the Member States of the EU Hungary is obliged to fulfil the same obligations as the Member States in the territory of Hungary, notifying the fellow Competent Authorities of the EU about the resolutions.
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